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As healthcare becomes increasingly complex, a more comprehensive approach based on new forms of collaboration is more vital than ever. To shape these changes and redefine services and practices, designers and stakeholders must reframe strategies and attitudes. The transition to the healthcare landscape of the future will be driven by a dynamic merger of organisations, people, environment and technology.

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In the Embassy of Health, Waag technology & society, Philips Design, Máxima Medisch Centrum, U Create, DDF and the Creative Industries Fund NL address the central question: What will happen if the hospital of today no longer exists? Where will healthcare be provided, and how? What impact will this have on the healthcare landscape? What role will we play in healthcare? What will the relationship between healthcare professionals, patients, citizens and others look like? And what is the role of designers in shaping the future of healthcare?

During DDW19

During DDW we will explore various aspects of this design issue with design talent, healthcare professionals, commercial parties and government agencies. With ‘Chronic Health?’ the Embassy of Health highlights the power of design to lead the healthcare transition: What will our future healthcare landscape look like if the hospital of today no longer exists?

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