Together is better

Five open conversations discussing how together, we should shape health and happiness and why we needed a pandemic to finally figure it out.



Type event Talk
Date & Time

2 Nov 2020 - 16:30 - 17:30

Location Virtual
Together is better

Based on the results of the C*RE The SYSTEM program, organized during DDW 2019, Health Hub Utrecht representatives from the practice of care and welfare as well as policy makers, researchers, designers, entrepreneurs and end users will enter into an open conversation, with three main points of discussion; how we need to reshape our health education or who is best suited to organize participation. How digitization will accelerate the transition or why prevention should not become a buzzword. And, of course, who should shoulder the costs of all of this. In short, sparks may fly, but it will be informative and inspirational. Don’t miss it!



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