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World Design Embassies is a programme and platform that would not exist without its partners. Together, the partners make up the embassy: they present the topics and issues to be addressed, offer knowledge and expertise, show their own or joint practical examples and co-develop the programme. Embassies also connect networks and link designers to the issues. The result is the creation or design of new, appealing and—most importantly—innovative solutions, or the embassy is the impulse for long-term collaborative research. During Dutch Design Week the programme connects future makers, designers and thinkers from all over the globe so they can shape the future together.

By becoming a partner, you make an active contribution by investing a combination of finance, time and knowledge. As a partner you participate in researching issues that you—and society as a whole—are facing. There are various kinds of partnerships: from a multi-year collaboration to sponsoring a specific project. Each partnership is tailor-made. And there are other forms of partnerships we would be happy to tell you more about. We always use our creativity to come up with a suitable proposal together.

If you’re interested or would like more information, please click the button below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Become a partner

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We’d love for you to participate! Are you a designer, policy maker, entrepreneur, director, change agent, or just interested in one of the embassy themes? Take a look at the various embassies for an overview of our programmes and how you can get involved.

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