Embassy of Inclusive Society

In light of increasing fragmentation, polarisation and demographic changes, notions around inclusivity feel more urgent and contested than ever. While inclusivity is widely discussed today in different contexts, it remains complex, sensitive and at times abstract. At the Embassy of Inclusive Society we embrace this complexity and at times the discomfort it brings.

Embassy of Safety

The Embassy of Safety has the ambition to make society safer by deploying designers. This is driven by the major security challenges of our time, such as online crime, subversion and polarisation.

Embassy of Health

How do we change our attitude about health? It’s time that we look for other routes and perspectives to make society healthier and prevent healthcare from becoming too expensive and unattainable. We know what is coming our way, and we feel the pressure on the labour market, on the waiting lists and on our wallets. However, it’s hard to change the reality. It requires adjusting our way of thinking, acting and working together. This year, the Embassy of Health will focus on how and especially which mindset contributes to moving towards a chronically healthy society.

Embassy of Mobility

Embassy of Urban Mobility

What if quality of life and the happiness of future generations were central to the design of cities? What if design would create more connection between people and their environment? And if green pushes out grey? At the Embassy of Urban Mobility, we connect designers to major urban issues in the areas of housing, mobility and infrastructure. After all, these are all inextricably linked.

Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building

The question we ask at The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building is challenging but clear: How do we ensure that the millions of houses that have to be built and renovated are CO2 and nitrogen negative, contribute to soil quality and biodiversity and ensure a healthier living environment?

Embassy of Water

If it were up to the Embassy of Water, cities and villages would contribute to the resilience and health of the entire water ecosystem. The city and its inhabitants work together with and for water. Those who use water in a new way, borrow it from the cycle and give it back clean. The result is a water flow as fresh and vital as a sparkling mountain stream. The question that the partners of the Embassy of Water are asking themselves is, therefore: ‘How can we ensure that the million homes that are going to be developed in the Netherlands make a positive contribution to the water system?

Image by Bernard Hermant

Embassy of Food

Will there still be a supermarket as we know it today in 30 years’ time? Will we still be going out for groceries, or will we have everything delivered to our homes? Will we still be eating animal products, exotic produce and sweets, or will we have long since switched to a different diet? The Embassy of Food does not offer immediate answers but takes you through a world of possible future scenarios. Experience the advantages and disadvantages of possible developments and decide what your supermarket of the future should look like.

Embassy of Rethinking Plastic

With Rethinking Plastic, Yksi Expo shows in a surprising and stimulating way how we can look at and deal with plastic, the world’s most maligned material, differently. As an originally cheap material, it is easily discarded. With all its consequences. It is high time to change our view on plastics and how to deal with them differently. Designers play a crucial role in this necessary change.


Embassy of Sustainable Design

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