Embassy of Inclusive Society

The society we live in seems to embrace diversity, but is the work being done to actually become more just?

Embassy of Safety

Those who commit crimes will be punished. It’s been that way since time immemorial and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. Is that actually true? No. Societies have employed alternatives to punishment throughout the ages. So-called ‘sanctuaries’, for example, facilitated reconciliation between parties by enforcing rules that protected the offenders and victims alike. Slowly but surely, these historical ideas are making a comeback. For example, community service is now a way for offenders to repay their debt to society. And restorative justice is emerging as a serious alternative to punishment. This process takes into consideration the perspective of the offender and the victim. In fact, reconciliation makes a great deal of sense because after a crime the parties involved want to move on, which is hard to do if they’re still in conflict.

Embassy of Health

The Embassy of Health explores how we can put health first in our society. Using design power and the power of other perspectives and approaches.

Embassy of Mobility

Creating liveable cities together, that is what the Embassy of Mobility stands for. With creative makers, such as designers and mobility professionals, but especially with city residents, travellers and companies. We can brainstorm, experiment and change together.  What does our city look like without cars in front of the door? And what do we get in place of them? More greenery? More homes? Places to get together and relax? We will explore these questions together and experiment with possible solutions.

Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building

If we want to build a sustainable world, we must consider the entire system. That’s what Possible Landscapes stands for. In this multi-year programme, Biobased Creations, as the creative leader of the Embassy, explores new perspectives for a living environment that add ecological and social value in addition to economic value. In collaboration with creatives, local stakeholders and knowledge partners. Through storytelling and imagination, we involve experts and the general public in this research and its outcomes, as we did in 2019 with The Growing Pavilion and in 2021 with The Exploded View.

Embassy of Water

Discover what the power of design and the force of nature can do to restore the water cycle and listen to the Voice of Water. The Embassy of Water will collect water designs and bring them together in a sparkling pavilion on Stadhuisplein during Dutch Design Week 2023.

Embassy of Food

Our food system, and the current way of consuming it, is in dire need of change. However, the question of how to go about this has been bogged down for some time now. Designers can play a role in changing the way we look at this and in shaping the world behind our food and the relationship we have with it better and differently. The Embassy of Food wants to bring together imagination and reality by being a place where, in addition to designers, people from the entire food chain come together to experiment with each other; from farmer to scientist and from policy officer to supermarket manager. So, with design power and in meaningful collaborations in this in-between space, we will look for the answer to the question: how can we take a fresh look at the sticking points and thereby reshape the current food system?

Maakruimte voor Mooi NL

The Netherlands is facing major spatial challenges, such as housing, water, agriculture, mobility, but also inclusiveness and health. Challenges that call for major changes. What will the Netherlands look like in the future? And more importantly: how do we make that attractive future image a reality?


Embassy of Rethinking Plastic

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Embassy of Sustainable Design

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