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Imagine there is plenty of water. We collect every drop of water and have an ingenious system for reuse. Do you find this an attractive idea? Designers at the Embassy of Water are looking for ways to restore the balance in our water system, together with you.

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Is it too dry or too wet? Yes and yes. Climate change makes the weather more erratic. No rain for months can be followed by a lot of rainfall in a short time. The Dutch have been used to discharging excess water directly to the sea for centuries. But drought and downpours require a different way of dealing with water. Retaining and reusing water will become the new normal. A water transition is needed to achieve this, according to initiator Anouk van der Poll and cooperation partners Waterschap de Dommel, the province of Noord-Brabant, Brabant Water and the municipality of Eindhoven. Design plays an important role in the transition to a new water system.

What is a water transition? When is a water system in balance? For whom is this important and how do we achieve this together? At the Embassy of Water, various designers look at the water partners’ issues through design glasses: how do we save water, how do we deal with a changing climate, how do we maintain water quality, how can we use water sustainably, how do we create a circular water chain and how do we increase water consciousness? One thing is certain: what you use must be returned, that is balance. The Embassy of Water embarks on a creative journey, in search of a new water balance for an abundant future.

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14 Sep 2020

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