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On the eve of a major transition, the Embassy of Water offers a new perspective on the foundational element that is water. What if we put water first? Are we going to borrow and take care of it, instead of just using it? Find out what water needs for it to become healthy and resilient.

The Dutch have been used to leading excess water directly to the sea for centuries. But due to climate change we experience more periods of drought and downpours. This requires a different way of dealing with water. What happens if we stop taking this precious element for granted? Slowing it down, nurturing and infiltrating water is becoming the norm.

Water’s wellbeing must be the most important base for making decisions, according to initiator Anouk van der Poll and collaborating partners Waterschap de Dommel, province of Noord-Brabant, Brabant Water and the municipality of Eindhoven. Design plays an important role in the transition to a new, balanced water system.

Various designers dove into the world of water for the Embassy of Water last year. They used design to process complex questions such as: how can you borrow water without disrupting the natural cycle? How can we see water as a living element instead of a product? And how can we think and act with the interest of water at heart?

The Embassy of Water painted a picture of a super future in which water is both resilient and abundant. Join us, follow the natural flow of water and be open to where we ended up.

The curator of this Embassy is Anouk van der Poll, founder of the Embassy of Water and product designer.

The Embassy is currently working on further development for 2021. Keep an eye on this page for the latest updates.


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