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The Embassy of Water examines social issues that are concerned with water quality and water circularity. This year, eight designers worked within this embassy together with different water partners. This resulted in a creative Water Hub, facilitating new ideas among water professionals and visitors. On our way towards a self-sufficient, circular, sustainable water chain.

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Waterschap De Dommel, the Municipality of Eindhoven, the province of Noord-Brabant and other partners are looking for new ways to employ water more sustainably. How should we tackle medicinal waste in water? Are we aware that we use pure mineral water to flush our toilets? And how can you collect rainwater and use it for your own garden?

We take tap water for granted. But through climate change and pollution clean water is less a matter of course. We have to ensure together that we use water more sensibly now and in the future. Water quality and the (re)use of water are themes that many parties are working on. Design offers surprising solutions for hot topics. With their boundary-pushing way of looking at the world, designers can offer a serious contribution to the turnaround in how we use water.

Dutch Design Week 2019

At Dutch Design Week 2019 the Embassy of Water demonstrated how valuable water is and how we can really start to appreciate tap water, rainwater, rivers and canals. Visitors were stimulated to think about their own water consumption and inspired  to think differently about water. This is how we can achieve a more sustainable, water-friendly society together.

Initiator & curator Anouk van der Poll

Initiator and curator of The Embassy of Water, Anouk van der Poll, is very passionate about water and nature. She sees water as a living, dynamic system with is own natural laws. Which explains why as a designer she looks for natural solutions for water issues in design. Van der Poll has previously worked for SPA and Waterschap de Dommel and created the first Embassy of Water in 2018.

See what we did in...


  • Parktheater
  • Arena Graduation Show, Campina
  • Microlab
  • Natlab
  • ABN AMRO Circle-E, Klokgebouw
  • The Growing Pavilion
  • Klokgebouw
  • Entresol, Klokgebouw
  • Het Lab, Campina
  • TQ/Strijp T
  • Keukenconfessies
  • Ketelhuisplein
  • Machinekamerplein
  • Innovation Powerhouse
  • Yksi Expo
  • Gloeilampplantsoen
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  • Workshop
  • Conference
  • Expo
  • Concert
  • Talk
Water... we take it for granted, and that really has to change
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These designers will give us a running start towards a self-sufficient, sustainable water chain
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