Council of WaterWijzen

Listen to the voice of water

Type event Talk
Date & Time

19 Oct 2020 - 14:00 - 15:30

Location Virtual
Council of WaterWijzen

Together with five WaterWijzen Anne listens to the voice of water in the podcast “Listening to the voice of water”. What did they hear while listening? You will find out in this Council of WaterWijzen.  Let’s listen to the voice of water. How does it sound to you?

The WaterWijzen are Conny van Rooij (talent broker and connector at Water Board de Dommel), Cees Kamp (water researcher, inventor and co-creator), Kim Hemmes & Eva van Strien (water ambassadors 2019, designers and curators), Moniek Driesse (initiator of design research platform The Imaginary Agency and PhD researcher University of Gothenburg).

Please be aware that this event is only in Dutch.

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Anne van Strien

Listening to the voice of water
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Do we ever really look at water? In the societal challenge to interact with water more consciously, deep designer Anne van Strien is researching how we can change our view of water. That starts with listening. She lets the voice of water be heard in a series of podcasts and ‘drops of inspiration’.

More information about the project? Click here.



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