Together we design a sustainable, livable and social society for future generations.

World Design Embassies (WDE) is a mission and design-driven programme in which stakeholders equally collaborate on complex, social issues. In open coalitions of partners, we connect the power of design to national transitions. Drawing on missions around themes such as health, safety, mobility, sustainability and inclusivity, WDE works on the transition to a sustainable, livable and social society for us and the generations that follow us.

So to start with, we need imagination and new stories. Artists, scientists and designers can do that: they think up ways to do things differently and can evoke a longing for change. The threat might be huge, but so too is the irresistibility of the idea that this could be the moment that we adopt a different lifestyle and no longer leave a trail of destruction behind us. So our time offers us an opportunity, as urgent as it is unique, to change direction.


As a driver of national transitions, WDE stands for the power of design and the power of collaboration that goes beyond domains and sectors. We believe in the ability to change ‘what is’ into ‘what we want’.

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