In design embassies for the future, alliances of partners, discuss today’s social challenges. Together with designers we work on solutions and develop new perspectives for the world of tomorrow.

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The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building

The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building focuses on challenges that face the world today: how can we guarantee that everyone in the Netherlands has a place to live in the near future, and ensure these buildings also achieve the climate objectives by being energy-efficient, and by being designed and built bio-based and emission-friendly?

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The Embassy of Health

As healthcare becomes increasingly complex, a more comprehensive approach based on new forms of collaboration is more vital than ever. To shape these changes and redefine services and practices, designers and stakeholders must reframe strategies and attitudes. The transition to the healthcare landscape of the future will be driven by a dynamic merger of organisations, people, environment and technology.

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The Embassy of Mobility

Mobility is a necessity. To get to work, for recreation, to visit the hospital, to take your kids on a city trip. The examples are endless. At the Embassy of Mobility we see mobility as a means, not a goal.

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The Embassy of Safety

In the Embassy of Safety we look at how designers can contribute to current safety issues. This embassy concentrates on research and experimentation and attempts to answer the question ‘Is safety a right?’ by generating practical solutions from multiple perspectives.

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The Embassy of Sustainable Design

We need to take action and embrace sustainability and a more circular economy and way of life. The question at the heart of the Embassy of Sustainable Design is: as businesses, designers, and consumers how can we make a difference?

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The Embassy of Water

The Embassy of Water examines social issues that are concerned with water quality and water circularity. Within the Embassy, designers work together with water partners. This results in a creative Water Hub, facilitating new ideas among water professionals and visitors. On our way towards a self-sufficient, circular, sustainable water chain.

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