In design embassies for the future, alliances of partners, discuss today’s social challenges. Together with designers we work on solutions and develop new perspectives for the world of tomorrow.

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The Embassy of Safety

The Embassy of Safety investigates how design and policy can come together in the safety domain. Together we search for alternative ways of thinking and finding new solutions to make our society as safe as possible.

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The Embassy of Health

Recent months have forced us to think about our health more than ever. The corona crisis puts a strain on existing systems and calls for new approaches. There is a growing awareness that health is not a ready-made product provided by our healthcare system, but is all about how we organize our lives. But what do we actually consider important to our quality of life? And how can we achieve that?

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The Embassy of Mobility

This year we have been uncompromisingly confronted with a new world where everything revolves around the distance between people, and individual forms of mobility are preferred. We have also witnessed the positive effect on the environment and the quality of life in cities as a result of the stagnation of mobility. We have been forced to return to the drawing board and to reconsider forms of public mobility.

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The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building

Sometimes it feels like an impasse: the enormous climate challenge on the one hand and the vast construction task on the other. As an Embassy, we take up this challenge. We investigate the possibilities of new biobased materials with a high design quality and circular methods such as detachability, modularity and urban mining. With the aim of more unique, truly sustainable, life-course-proof homes.

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The Embassy of Water

On the eve of a major transition, the Embassy of Water offers a new perspective on the foundational element that is water. What if we put water first? Are we going to borrow and take care of it, instead of just using it? Find out what water needs for it to become healthy and resilient.

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The Embassy of Food

The production and consumption of food is tightly woven into our daily lives. It is as simple and essential as it is extremely complex and scarce. Food influences our health but also the layout of our homes, cities and country. All these aspects are examined in the Embassy of Food and the role the designer plays in all this is explored.

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The Embassy of Rethinking Plastic

Plastic causes environmental problems, but it also has advantages. It’s not black or white. We have to think differently about plastic as a material and deal with it differently. Designers play a crucial role in that necessary change.

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