Embassy of Safety

The Embassy of Safety investigates how design and policy can come together in the safety domain. Together we search for alternative ways of thinking and finding new solutions to make our society as safe as possible.

Surprising safety: new behaviour to make society safer

At the Embassy of Safety, we believe that there are many opportunities to create a safer society. To achieve this, we continuously collaborate and work on the significant safety challenges of our time. Think of youth ending up in drug dealing or the increasing risks in the digital domain; for example, the abuse of personal data and the increasingly victimised companies by cybercriminals. The collaborations between security organisations and (sometimes unexpected) other parties ensure innovation in this domain: Surprising safety.

Spurred on by the creativity of designers, unsuspected groups suddenly want to contribute to a safer society. By sharing knowledge, experience, and networks, together we investigate the underlying mechanisms of issues and try to provide them with new perspectives for action. For example, can we reduce harmful and immoral online behaviour by tackling the dehumanisation and anonymity of the Internet? Can we raise awareness of the risks of sharing personal data by confronting users with the consequences? Can security professionals go off the books responsibly to contribute to the safety of citizens? Does a sense of collectivity in a neighbourhood make local residents want to cooperate with security organisations?

We bring design and policy together; designers, visionaries and thinkers join forces to shape the future at Dutch Design Week (DDW). Together, we look for ways to make our society as safe as possible online and offline and increase people’s resilience. During DDW, the Embassy presents a number of surprising design projects concerning new behaviour for a safer society. You can visit the Embassy of Safety from 16 to 24 October in the Klokgebouw, Eindhoven.

The curator of this Embassy is Tabo Goudswaard, social designer, researcher and artist.

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Embassy of Safety
Show only:

The Online Safety Test – Rathenau Instituut

13 Oct 2021

Good Neighbours – Affect Lab

13 Oct 2021

Hackshield – Flavour

13 Oct 2021

The Night Club – MV design & Matching Futures

16 Oct 2021

Digital Esoterism – Ginevra Petrozzi

13 Oct 2021

No Place for Sex Trafficking – What the Studio

13 Oct 2021

From the Police with Love – Social Design Politie

15 Oct 2021

I lick I click I bite I spit – Bianca Schick

14 Oct 2021


14 Oct 2021

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Tabo Goudswaard toont je verassende veiligheid in de Embassy of Safety


Surprising safety told by ex-juvenile criminal and cyber agent Roozy


Embassy of Safety at DDW


Surprising safety at the Embassy of Safety

Dutch Design Week

This is what the Embassies will present at Dutch Design Week

Embassy of Mobility

What if Lab and World Design Embassies join forces with Embassy Labs


Designing with inmates


In conversation with the Social Design Police

Partners of Embassy of Safety

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