IJmuiden wakes up – Garage 2020

Type event Workshop
Date & Time

26 Oct 2022 - 15:30 - 17:00

IJmuiden wakes up – Garage 2020

What problems regarding drug crime among young people do you encounter within the municipality for which you work? What can you do about this? It can be quite difficult for a municipality to tackle problems related to drug crime among young people. Residents are able to play a bigger role in addressing these issues than you might think. But how do you connect with them and help them find solutions? After months of research and testing of an approach in Enkhuizen and Velsen, Garage2020 has gained important insights in how to approach this. These insights have been mapped out, in text, in a scalable form. During this workshop, these insights will be presented and you will get to work with them yourself.

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