The intimacy of the night. Meet The Night Club Academy

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28 Oct 2022 - 17:00 - 19:00

The intimacy of the night. Meet The Night Club Academy

In the Night Club Academy, teams of civil servants and designers from different neighbourhoods in the Netherlands work on a new perspective on safer and nicer neighbourhoods. We create new space – often in the evening and night – in which we break through existing ways of doing things that perpetuate problems. We work with four cases. These are about combating nuisance and young growth (Doornakkers Eindhoven).  About the feeling of insecurity of residents (Lampreibuurt Rotterdam). About the liveliness and safety of the center (Roosendaal). And about the relationship between the municipality and the neighbourhood (Charlois, Rotterdam).

drinks hosted by the municipality of Eindhoven
BAASS Daalakkersweg 10-02, right next door to Section C (also a location of Dutch Design Week)

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