Listening to the voice of water

Do we ever really look at water? In the societal challenge to interact with water more consciously, deep designer Anne van Strien is researching how we can change our view of water. That starts with listening. She lets the voice of water be heard in a series of podcasts and ‘drops of inspiration’.

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Listening to the voice of water

We enrich water with our nutrients or we pollute it. We use the water and “throw it away”. But is the dirty water really gone? According to Van Strien, it is important that we recognize that we are part of the water cycle and that we look at water differently. During Dutch Design Week she presents a virtual ceremony with four podcasts to listen to and a distillate of nine ‘drops of inspiration’ in an interactive pdf.

In the podcasts she lets WaterWijzen speak and together with the audience she listens to the voice of water. In doing so, she hopes to raise awareness that we are part of a circular system, in which water is worth honoring.

Van Strien works from the idea that form follows awareness (instead of function). She therefore designs looking at the essence of water and how waterflows interact with each other. This can lead to actual system innovation. Water is not scarce but abundant and has the power to purify itself and give life. Her work forms a basis for listeners to engage in conversation and to gain a new perspective on water.

Listen to Anne van Strien’s podcast (dutch only):



These talks are in Dutch only.

9 drops of consciousness

An exploration of a new water consciousness
Sunday 18 October 2 – 3:30 pm. register via this link.

Council of WaterWijzen

Listen to the voice of water
Monday 19 October 14-15: 30, register via this link.

The WaterWijzen are: Conny van Rooij (talent broker and connector at Water Board de Dommel), Cees Kamp (water researcher, inventor and co-creator), Kim Hemmes & Eva van Strien (water ambassadors 2019, designers and curators), Moniek Driesse (initiator of design research platform The Imaginary Agency and PhD researcher University of Gothenburg).

Watch project on the Dutch Design Week website.

Anne van Strien

Anne van Strien is a deep designer (Design Academy Eindhoven, MSc Radboud University Nijmegen). Anne works with the healing power of design by intertwining design and ecological awareness. Restoring the relationship between humans and nature is a core theme in her work. For of the Embassy of Water, Anne listens to the different sounds of the voice of water.

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