Good news for the Embassy of Water!

The past three years, The Embassy of Water has taken a very important step forward in water transition together with the fixed water partners. Hard work has paid off in achieving a solid foundation for innovative water design. The Embassy has become a sanctuary where designers are occupying themselves in an innovative manner with water and climate issues. And with a new fixed location and new partners, the Embassy is not sitting still.

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Published on 11 August 2021
Part of Embassy of Water
Good news for the Embassy of Water!
Part of Embassy of Water

The Embassy settles down in Designhuis Eindhoven

The coming three years, the Embassy is working together with the water partners on a year-round programme from the new headquarters, Designhuis in Eindhoven. Right next to the river De Dommel, the Embassy will organize expositions, events and meeting. Do you want to visit the current exhibition? Go and make an appointment with curator Anouk van der Poll.

Water partners place their signatures

All water partners have signed the collaboration agreement. Brabant Water, the province Noord-Brabant, Waterschap De Dommel and the municipality Eindhoven join forces with curator Anouk van der Poll and World Design Embassies. Together with different designers they will work on accelerating water transition. At Dutch Design Week 2021 you can see the first results surrounding the theme ‘water cohabitation’.

Matthijs Schouten interprets the new voice of water

In the decisions we make as people, we too often still see water as a product. The Embassy approaches it differently and includes the voice of water in consultations with partners and designers. Last year, the voice of water was interpreted by water researcher Cees Kamp last year. He is passing this over to ecologist and philosopher Matthijs Schouten. According to Schouten, we must review our relationship with nature. How is that translated into our interaction with water?

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