Water is alive in Eindhoven!

The Embassy of Water puts water in the spotlights during Dutch Design Week. Be inspired by water designs that change your perspective on water and participate in various online events. We look forward to seeing you from October 17th.

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Published on 14 October 2020
Part of Embassy of Water
Water is alive in Eindhoven!
Part of Embassy of Water

“Water is alive”. This is the central message of the designers. “Water is not a product, water has a voice that we can learn to listen to. Fish and micro-organisms revitalize water ecosystems. We need to take care of water again.” These are just a few statements that you can expect at the Embassy of Water this year.

With his work “The Water Animals” social designer Bernhard Lenger contributes to the transition by transforming the product water to water as a companion. In order to learn to treat water differently, Lenger designed water animals to care for. From water hamster to water whale: which animal do you choose and why? Take the water animal quiz and participate in the events.

Deep designer Anne van Strien laat met een aantal podcasts de stem van water horen.

Deep designer Anne van Strien lets the voice of water be heard with a number of podcasts. She will give the floor to WaterWijzen in a virtual ceremony. What does water have to say to us? How can we be better listeners? Allow yourself to go with the flow and discover that water is not a product, but something much deeper than that. Anne van Strien would also like to hear your voice. Be welcome at the two events “9 Drops of consciousness” on Sunday 18 October 14:00 – 15:30 and “Council of Water Wijzen” on Monday 19 October 14:00 – 15:30.

It is important to start a conversation to look at water differently. That idea contains part of the transition that is so desperately needed. Because drought, downpours and water pollution require a change in how we deal with water.

That is why we invite everyone to let go of old ideas about water and to dive with us into a new world in which water is a living, communal and precious element. Please join! Visit the virtual exhibition and events at the Embassy of Water from October 17th.

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