Program announcement Embassy of Water

We are on the brink of a major water transition. From discharging rainwater, to infiltrating every drop and nurturing it. The designers of the Embassy of Water put water first, challenging us to look at water differently. But how do you do that?

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Published on 12 October 2020
Part of Embassy of Water
Program announcement Embassy of Water
Part of Embassy of Water
Illustration by Mariska Lamiaud

With his work for the Embassy of Water, social designer Bernhard Lenger contributes to the transition from water as a product to water as a companion. To learn how to deal with water differently, Lenger designed aquatic animals to care for. Help the water hamster to work less hard by closing the tap more often and remove the tiles from your garden to give the water rhino room to roll. Which animal do you choose and why?

Deep designer Anne van Strien lets the voice of water be heard with a number of podcasts. She lets WaterWijzen speak and is also happy to talk to you. What does water have to say to us? How can we listen better? Let yourself go with the flow and discover that water is not a product, but something much deeper than that.

The virtual exhibition of the Embassy of Water contains more water works. For example, The Weather Makers introduce the nursery of a magical creature that improves water quality and increases biodiversity. Nova Innova shows how microorganisms can generate electricity, Erik Melander built a bridge for fish and Studio 1: 1 is developing a Drought Board to guide the water board into the future.

We look forward to meeting you from 17 October in the virtual exhibition and during the various events during the Dutch Design Week.

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