Water Café #1: Regeneration… what exactly is that?

The Water Café represents a movement. A movement of people who feel it is time to engage with water in a holistic and restorative way. The term ‘regenerative’ is coming up, for us this means a return to the natural form of water, restoring its own regenerative capacity. Because ‘we’ do not need to regenerate, nature has regenerative power within itself.

Type event Talk
Date & Time

24 Jun 2022 - 15:00 - 18:00

Water Café #1: Regeneration… what exactly is that?

Putting nature and water first is what we have to do. We can work with that because we also have that power as part of nature. The key is to restore the connection with nature, in ourselves and to understand that we are part of it. And therefore, instead of seeing water as a ‘product’, listen to water and work with it.

The Water Café is a place to discover together, stimulate cooperation and do things together. To find each other and connect, so that ‘designing for water’ becomes something a collective. So that the language of regeneration is increasingly spoken together.

Want to join? Send an email to Anouk van der Poll.

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