The Applied Water Physics department of Wetsus, research institute for water technology, conducts research on the functioning of vortices to develop a technology for sustainable and environmentally friendly water usage.

Vortices are the whirlpools you see in streams and rivers. Austrian water researcher and visionary Viktor Schauberger (1885 – 1958) discovered that water keeps itself healthy and alive through this natural movement. The hyperbolic funnel can be used as a water aerator. Aeration of water with this vortex method can therefore be more cost-effective and faster than with current techniques.

For three generations, the Schaubergers have drawn inspiration from nature to advance technology. Because they believe that the way nature does it is the best way. The Embassy of Water wants to bring this technology and other new knowledge to a wider audience, particularly to designers. Design power can help translate it into potential applications for the market.

Type Project

Project by: Wetsus, research institute for sustainable water technologies

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