Climate Adaptation Dictionary

The weather is becoming more extreme. Prolonged droughts and heavy downpours are more and more common. Smart, climate-adaptive adjustments to homes and gardens enhance the resilience of our living environment and limit the negative effects of climate change. So why is it that so few people are taking action?

In the battle against climate change, it is crucial that everyone participates. But can everyone do that? The words climate adaptation, stress test, mitigation and drainage systems do not excel in clarity. And that is problematic in a country where 2.5 million people have difficulty reading and writing.

The Climate Adaptation Dictionary is a game that reflects on the language we use. The deck of cards invites you to discuss with colleagues the difficult words you use in your work and how you could express thing differently. This way, we playfully train ourselves to become more inclusive in the transitions we have to make together.

Type Project
Climate Adaptation Dictionary

Project by: Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland, Stichting Lezen & Schrijven, Tuinbranche Nederland, TwynstraGudde and Atelier Yuri Veerman

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