The story behind POND

POND- the power of water

Type event Talk
Date & Time

23 Oct 2020 - 10:00 - 11:00

Location Virtual
The story behind POND

What if we can generate energy from collaborating with the living microbes in the water? What if we can reveal the hidden sources of nature and make them part of our energy system?

With POND we will show you a future where we collaborate with nature to generate energy and to provide water with a voice to share its own wellbeing. Curious about this innovation and how we will do this? Join us during this 20 minutes presentation. We reserve enough time for interaction!

Here you’ll find the direct link to the livestream.


Nova Innova

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POND will become the first floating network in the world which will harvest its energy from organic compounds in the water. With this energy we establish multiple things: collect and send data on the quality of the water and at the same time the wellbeing is shown by different colours of light.

More information about this project? Click here.



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