The Embassy of Water is formed by a think tank of the following enthusiastic partners and experts who, together with designers, examine the major water issues of our time.

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Published on 14 October 2020
Part of Embassy of Water
Part of Embassy of Water

Anouk van der Poll

Initiator and curator Embassy of Water

“We are moving towards a superfuture in which water is abundant. Simply join us.”

Marjolein Bezemer

Copywriter and sounding board for the curator.

“I think we should talk less about what each individual can do for a better water system, but talk about what we can achieve together. Systemic change accelerates the transition.”

Cees Kamp

Water researcher and “Voice of Water”

“Last time we still talked too much about water as a product. I now feel a kind of liveliness, a kind of flourishing that makes me very happy and curious. We are taking it to another level! ”

Conny van Rooij

Talent broker – Water Board De Dommel

“The transition is a transformation of society. How do we treat each other and our environment? It’s about who we want to be and not what are we going to do.”

Joost van der Cruijsen

Manager Strategy, Policy & Innovation Water System – Water Board De Dommel

“I am confident that we will challenge society to come up with solutions that help us further. That means that change occurs and that we indeed use our important resource: water in a smarter way. That is my drive.”

Karla Niggebrugge

Policy Officer Water and Climate Adaptation – Province of Noord-Brabant

“Perhaps we should translate responsibilities more into: how can we help each other? And that we will develop a different way in this. It’s all about possibilities. ” 

Frank van Lamoen

Physical geographer – Team Climate Change Adaptation

“Does this help better or more responsible use of water in Brabant a step forward? I think so. This is just a different, non-technical, somewhat disruptive view of water. ”

Marleen Wickering

Corporate communications advisor Administrative Affairs – Brabant Water

“We often rely on control and management. I choose to just let it flow. Then you start having a conversation about and with water, away from the technical view. ”

Sandra Verheijden

Strategic policy advisor – Brabant Water

“If enough people want something, it will happen. But how do you get to wanting it?”

Hans van Oosterwijk

Water and climate consultant – Municipality of Eindhoven

“Until now it has often been about combating flooding and introducing or removing water into the soil. We need to shift towards meaningful use of water. Awareness that water is valuable. ”

Anne van Strien

Deep designer

“We need a new language that listens to the voice of water. Form follows awareness is the new adage as far as I am concerned.”

Bernhard Lenger

Social designer

“If we want to enable people to join the water transition, we need to stop treating water as a product and start treating it like a part of our life, which we can care for.

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