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What the Health?! #2 – Nature as value for our health?

Our health is connected to the state of our planet. Solution, deforestation and loss of biodiversity lead to job and social insecurity, chronic stress and increasing health inequality. How do we bring the perspective of a healthy nature to the table as a value for our health? How can design contribute to creating these new values for health?

In collaboration with Joyce Browne (associate professor Global Health / Epidemiology of Julius Centrer, UMC Utrecht), we examine these new values for health and what role of our planet plays. We explore how the global context influences local health inequalities. Together we search for inspiration to design new values for health from the perspective of nature.

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Type event Talk
Date & Time

23 May 2023 - 12:00 - 13:00

What the Health?! #2 – Nature as value for our health?

The Embassy of Health invites you to a monthly dose of inspiration during lunch. Under the title ‘What the Health?!’ we pose moving questions relating health and care. In this hourly online meetup we engage in conversation and include the designer perspective to answer these questions.

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