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What the Health?! #3 – Commerce or patronising behaviour…

Who influences how we handle our health?

Our health depends on our behavior, our genes and our living environment. It’s a challenge to live healthy and stay healthy. With the overwhelming choices and seductions in our supermarkets, our concrete environment and fluctuations in air quality we could use some support. But who is allowed to support us? Do we give way to supermarkets or the food industry? Or do we welcome support from our government?

We expect an accessible and affordable healthcare system, to be organised by our government. Thus that allow them to decide how we need to live our lives and take care of our health? Are we able to influence our public spaces to support healthy living? In this What the Health?! we dive into the world of free, personal choice, corporate marketing and spheres of influence. Together with Elles Breebaart (project lead Health – Provincie Noord-Brabant) we explore the boundaries and influence of our government. What is your boundary?

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Date & Time

19 Jun 2023 - 12:00 - 13:00

What the Health?! #3 – Commerce or patronising behaviour…

The Embassy of Health invites you to a monthly dose of inspiration during lunch. Under the title ‘What the Health?!’ we pose moving questions relating health and care. In this hourly online meetup we engage in conversation and include the designer perspective to answer these questions.

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