Shifting attention for a fair start 

Type Project

De Krijtclub (The Chalk Club) designs a fair start for all young children in Utrecht. During the corona pandemic, that fair start came under even more pressure. It became extra evident how complicated the existing system of care and support for families can be. In addition, the obstacles are not the same for all children. In one neighbourhood, financial worries and language barriers prevent them from receiving the care they need; in another, something very different was at play: the worrying, fretting and mental absence of many parents themselves.

The interactive programme Denkles is a new, inviting way of thinking about thinking. Designed together with parents and experts, it has its origins in metacognitive therapy. Using theoretical thinking lessons and thought experiments, parents learn that they do have control over their thoughts, and let them experience that they can shift their attention from issues in their head to their child.

The participating designers are Greenberry, Garage2020 en Gemeente Utrecht in samenwerking met Health Hub Utrecht, Lokalis, JGZ, Kind & Co-Ludens en KSU.

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