Smoke free life for everyone

Everyone in the Netherlands has the right to live a long and happy life. But not everyone has the same opportunity to do so. Large disparities in health and the way health are interconnected with other aspects of our lives and society make this an important and complex challenge.

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Smoke free life for everyone

Smoking is one of the leading causes of health inequalities. Although more and more people are quitting smoking, unfortunately there is still a very large group that does not. In the Smoke-free Living for All program, Muzus collaborates with Pharos, the GGD, professionals from the social and healthcare sector, community and peer supporters and other experts. To provide better support for people quitting smoking and to work towards a smoke-free world for children growing up.

Talking about (passive) smoking often proves to be challenging, even though 80% of people actually want to quit smoking. How do you start the conversation?

Project by Muzus

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