Luister nu Van het podcastje naar de muur

Marleen van Bergeijk, one of the designers who participated in the Embassy of Health, has launched a new podcast! In this podcast series, Marleen explores, from her practice as a social designer, the space for design within the complex social theme of ‘health’. She visits makers, companies and organisations to discuss how a domain ruled by protocols and efficiency can work together with the creative kind that embraces uncertainty and where it can be unclear which way a trajectory will go.

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Published on 24 February 2022
Part of Embassy of Health
Luister nu Van het podcastje naar de muur
Part of Embassy of Health

As a society, we must make the transition from care to health. Prevention and vitality are important to maintain the health care system, but above all to ensure that we all live longer in good health.

But what is health really, who is responsible for making sure we are all healthy, and will we get there? The creative industry can contribute to this transition by bringing human values to the surface, shaping and testing new possibilities, and through creative solutions making health accessible in a way that suits the person and their environment.

Episode 1

In episode 1, Marleen van Bergeijk went to Utrecht to visit Alain Dujardin, creative director of digital design agency Greenberry. We talk about digitalisation in healthcare and the role of design in that, how to define your impact as a designer and how to design for and with vulnerable target groups.


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