Health Overshoot Day

In the neighbourhood: Expedition VitalHealth

Type Project
Health Overshoot Day

Who is responsible for people’s health? And how do we organise this, now the demand for care is rising and the system threatens to get stuck? In Expedition VitalHealth, Máxima MC and housing corporation Trudo jointly explore their changing roles and responsibilities within preventive healthcare.

Health Overshoot Day (HOD) is the fictitious date when the demand for support in health becomes greater than society and the healthcare system can handle. What does a fair distribution of limited available care look like in the Netherlands of 2040? 

Imagine: in 2040, all Dutch people are invited to calculate their own HOD on their 50th birthday. Using personal health data, lifestyle and general outlook based on DNA and gender, it is calculated from which point onwards the state will no longer be able to provide their care. The consequences are presented and people are provided with tools that show how they can positively influence their HOD.

Expedition VitalHealth is an initiative by Máxima MC and Trudo. The participating designers are Studio Marleen van Bergeijk, Studio Sociaal Centraal

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