Van het podcastje naar de muur #4

Marleen van Bergeijk, one of the designers who participated in the Embassy of Health, has launched a new podcast! In this podcast series Marleen explores, from her practice as a social designer, the space for design within the complex social theme of ‘health’. She visits makers, companies and organisations to discuss how a domain ruled by protocols and efficiency can work together with the creative kind that embraces uncertainty and where it can be unclear which way a journey will go.

Type Update
Published on 1 April 2022
Part of Embassy of Health
Van het podcastje naar de muur #4
Part of Embassy of Health

Episode #4

In this episode, Marleen talks to Wilma van der Leeuw who, as programme manager at Conforte Innovation Lab, transfers design methods to care professionals. The Innovation Lab supports a regional network of Rotterdam elderly care institutions to innovate their own care.

To achieve that, you have to design your way out, but how do you do that? In addition, Marleen and Wilma will discuss the learning capacity of this regional approach and whether care professionals might also be designers themselves in the future.


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