EDUBox at Ketelhuisplein

Connecting worlds for a better future

Type Project
EDUBox at Ketelhuisplein

DesignLab invites you to visit the EDUBox at Ketelhuisplein, the meeting place to jointly discover and shape the future of chronic health. Think about the role we play in society, get inspired by the merge of design and science, and discover how we can positively influence our yet-to-be-designed health future.

On this location we make people aware of their own influence on health. Using data and technology, we facilitate sharing both challenges and solutions, for example in regard to entering adulthood. We also encourage curiosity in other people’s perspectives and let people experience the importance of health in education.

EDUBox invites knowledge exchange in an accessible way, even in places where this is lacking. Thanks to its design, this fully equipped, self-sufficient container is easy to transport to different places around the world.

Participants are students, researchers and collaboration partners of University of Twente, project team EDUBox and BMS LAB

EDUbox - credits: Joelle Steendam
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