Kracht van verbinding

Organisations collaborate, in numerous places and in surprising coalitions, to stimulate our health. Inspiring and innovative initiatives are found. Initiatives where health care professionals, organisations and citizens have connected with organisations or professionals from other domains.

Type event Workshop
Date & Time

21 Oct 2021 - 10:00 - 12:00

Location SX
Torenallee 3
5617 BA Eindhoven
Kracht van verbinding

In this interactive meeting we share knowledge about successful collaboration. We will discuss questions and challenges that you encounter as a citizen, professionals or as an organisation. Based on practical situations within various GROZ initiatives, we explore how you can tackle these challenges.

Cascoland will talk about the collaboration in this unique initiative. Cascoland is an international network of designers, visual artists, performers and academics based in Amsterdam. Cascoland projects were initiated by Fiona de Bell and Roel Schoenmakers and carried out with multidisciplinary teams of creatives. They are aimed at developing an ecologically and socially sustainable society, both locally and globally.

Can the One-Day Shop be a key to a healthier and caring neighbourhood by better identifying care issues from the neighbourhood, making them negotiable or raising them with professional assistance? Cascoland wants to investigate how local residents, entrepreneurs and professional care providers can arrive at an integrated area-oriented approach, in which care needs are identified at street level and addressed at a professional level. The renovation of the Van Deysselbuurt now offers the opportunity to do so.

After the presentation there will be an interactive discussion, with the possibility of networking.

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This meeting is hosted by Health~Holland.

9.30 Entrance
10.00 Welcome & introduction
10.20 Presentation Cascoland
10.55 Short break
11.00 Participate! Practical case & dialogue between participants
11.50 Closing
12.00 Tour Embassy of Health


Torenallee 3
5617 BA Eindhoven

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