Data Donor Club

AMS-IX Data Exchange

Type Project
Data Donor Club

Data sharing and aggregation is crucial for all kinds of technological applications in preventive healthcare. However, data sharing is also tricky and not entirely without risks. Without well-regulated conditions and secure systems, you have no control over what others do with your information.

At the Data Donor Club, you will experience the different ways in which data can be shared. Besides direct transaction, we show data sharing via a data exchange. This platform – comparable to a notary – ensures that data is used according to predefined conditions. Data shared via a data exchange is only processed by certified algorithms and with the consent of the sharing party. In this way, they retain control and authority. 

Experience this data exchange tailored to the health domain. Sign up for the club and see what health data you (unconsciously) carry with you. Also learn what and under which conditions your data can contribute to the greater good. 

The Data Donor Club is initiated by AMX-IX, in collaboration with Six Fingers. The participating designer is De Reuringdienst.

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