Reuma (on)zichtbaar

Living with rheumatism.

Type Project
Reuma (on)zichtbaar

When we think of rheumatism, we still often think of crooked hands, thick joints and little physical independence. Although much has now changed thanks to developments in healthcare, rheumatism still has a big impact on many people’s lives.

It is difficult to understand what it is like to live with rheumatism, even if you see it around you, or hear stories about it. The constant effort it takes to participate in daily life often remains invisible. From diagnosis, a constant process of coping with challenges, pain and fatigue begins. In addition it involves making daily choices that also affect the lives of those around you.

The installation ‘Rheumatism (in)visible’ offers insight into a life with rheumatism and invites you to join the conversation. Here you don’t observe the effects of the disease from a distance, but are drawn into the impact of living with rheumatism. 

The participating designer is Muzus, in commission by ReumaNederland.

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