Public silent spaces

This project responds to the growing need for moments of contemplation in a demanding society. Contemplation in this case means: a moment in which you step out of ‘the ordinary’ and reflect on yourself and the world around you. At a time when 1.3 million working Dutch people experience burnout symptoms, the relevance of this initiative is becoming increasingly clear.

Type Project
Public silent spaces

In the project, Hooghiemstra and Gerards explore how to create a space for rest and contemplation with a central focus on the experience of the users. They place a strong emphasis on designs that fit specific locations and base their work on thorough field research. This allows them to create spaces for different contexts, such as hospitals, schools and offices. Their ultimate goal is to promote contemplation in a busy society by designing quiet spaces that are accessible to all.

Project by Hedwich Hooghiemstra en Aline Gerards

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