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Data exchange for health – are you sharing? #2

The exchange of data in healthcare is day-to-day business, whether it’s communicating lab results, or sending prescriptions. Data exchange is also contributing to new insights in prevention and public health. In the first creative session we’ve formulated the conditions for data exchange. We’ve explored how we would organise control and how agreements for exchange could be designed.

In this second creative session we’ll deepen and design the requirements. We’ll formulate specific aspects to support the collaboration between patients, clients, people with lived experience and healthcare professionals. The outcomes of this session will be the foundation for a pilot, that AMS-IX will conduct after summer.

Type event Workshop
Date & Time

29 Jun 2023 - 16:00 - 18:00

Location Care Design Lab
Louwesweg 6
1066 EC Amsterdam
Data exchange for health – are you sharing? #2

Do you have experience with health data (lived experience)? Do you work with health data of patients or clients? Do you have a critical perspective on how technology should support people (as a designer)? Then we invite you to join us for this session.

The session is interactive. No preparations or prior knowledge is needed. You can also join this second session, without attending the first session. We only ask you to actively participate and share your thoughts. After the session we have the opportunity to have drinks.

Care Design Lab is located at the first floor of Centrum voor Zorg. Entrance via Casa Sofia.


Care Design Lab
Louwesweg 6
1066 EC Amsterdam

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