Intimate Implant

Imagine living closely with an implant in your body for a year. An implant that helps you heal and grow new body parts. A close relationship develops in which you care for each other, until, as previously agreed, the implant sacrifices itself. Not long after, you receive an emotional farewell message from the implant, reflecting on your connection – and on the bond between humans and technology.

Type Project
Intimate Implant

This speculative experience deals with the emotional relationship between humans and technology, a topic that yet has received little attention in science. From the perspective of three regenerative implants – a new type of implant that breaks down and is replaced by new native body tissue – Burgers explores scenarios in which humans and technology intimately coexist.

What is it like for technology to serve, and be so subservient to humans, how do we live harmoniously with technology, and what if technology doesn’t deliver on its promises?

Project by: Bertrand Burgers with UMC Utrecht

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