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The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building

The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building focuses on challenges that face the world today: how can we guarantee that everyone in the Netherlands has a place to live in the near future, and ensure these buildings also achieve the climate objectives by being energy-efficient, and by being designed and built bio-based and emission-friendly?

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This Embassy comprises ​​partners who are working on this future scenario through practical design assignments and by exploring new approaches. The key questions are: how can we scale, what does a new circular construction chain look like and which new design language is associated with using biobased building materials?

As an extension of last year, this Embassy opts—circularly—for the addition of a biobased approach and proposes sustainable strategies to meet today’s standards and the challenges of tomorrow. Odds are this will reach far beyond eco-neutral construction. We take an eco-positive perspective as our starting point with the goal of changing our footprint from a negative to a positive one. By continuing to build, we will store CO2 instead of emitting it. Biobasecamp, a design by Ketelhuisplein art director Marco Vermeulen, shows how this works.

Together with Company New Heroes, we go one step further in the Growing Pavilion: we investigate new experimental biobased materials by applying them in the pavilion. The skin of the pavilion is made of materials including mycelium building blocks which were specially cultivated for this project.

Dutch Design Week 2019

The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building offers inspiration and context with temporary architecture on the Ketelhuisplein (the square dedicated entirely to circular and biobased building during DDW), and also demonstrates the current social transition challenges and shows how designers, governments and innovative entrepreneurs can develop solutions. It also addresses the role of users, consumers and citizens.

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