City and infra become nature

Launch programme Possible Landscapes Regenerative city & infra!

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Published on 23 October 2023
Part of Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building
City and infra become nature
Part of Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building

How can you build nature-inclusively with biobased materials? How to turn buildings and infra-works into new nature that adds value to the city? That is what the Possible Landscapes Regenerative City and Infra programme is about. On Monday 23 October, Biobased Creations, as creative leader of the Embassy Circular & Biobased Building, presented this new programme. The launch was also an appeal to companies and organisations from the construction and infra sector to join the first partners – TBI Climate Train, Dutch Design Foundation, Dura Vermeer and VP Capital. There was a considerable response to this. Together with these pioneers, the Embassy will work on research, experimentation and imagination for a new regenerative building system in the coming years.

Building with nature

Possible Landscapes Regenerative city and infra is about a way of building that goes beyond limiting the damage of building. The aim is a construction and infra sector that also adds ecological and social value. “We are trying to see if we can push the ways of building one step further. So not just using new sustainable materials, but building in a fundamentally different way. How can we make buildings and infra that are truly nature? That can breathe, that are alive. Where facades and roofs can collect and purify water and provide a habitat for fungi, insects, birds and other animals. And where (water) roads, bridges and noise barriers form an ecological connection in the landscape, instead of cutting through it. And this with biobased and geobased applications,” says Pascal Leboucq of Biobased Creations.

Pavilion as experimental site

The two-year programme consists of ongoing research into what can and soon will be possible in regenerative construction and infra. The results of this research will be shared in various ways. From 2024 in an online publication and during DDW 2024 in the form of an exhibition that can travel to other places from then on. The ambition is to present a regenerative pavilion during DDW 2025, allowing visitors to experience more strongly that nature-inclusive building with bio-based materials is already possible. “By doing so, we not only create a hopeful story that will touch many people, but also a way to collaborate and experiment with new building systems,” said Lucas De Man of Biobased Creations.

Pioneers wanted

During the kick-off, the first partners were presented; TBI Klimaattrein, Dutch Design Foundation, Dura Vermeer and VP Capital. The call to join them was widely heeded. “The strength of the Embassy is the partners’ commitment and desire to work together on new, sustainable perspectives. Our partners are true pioneers. And we cannot have enough of them. You need a broad coalition to achieve real systemic change in construction.” If you feel addressed, feel free to get in touch.”

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