The Growing Pavilion

Social challenges such as climate change, subsidence, CO2 emissions and the scarcity of fossil fuels require new, sustainable solutions.

Type Project
The Growing Pavilion

The call for a more biobased and circular economy is becoming increasingly necessary. That is why we, Company New Heroes, together with the Dutch Design Foundation, started the experiment of building an iconic biobased pavilion, together with other pioneers in the field, for the Dutch Design Week 2019: The Growing Pavilion.

Through this project, we show the possibilities and above all, the outstanding beauty of biobased construction and design. The uniqueness of the pavilion consists in the large number of biobased materials used- such as wood, hemp, mycelium, cattail and cotton, put together in order to form a building like never seen before.

The Growing Pavilion could be visited for ten days in the beating heart of Dutch Design Week. More than 75,000 people – industry professionals, governmental figures and organizations but also many “consumers” and regular daily visitors – visited the pavilion. We are currently discussing with various enthusiastic organizations, the option to rebuild The Growing Pavilion in other locations and to thus continue to inspire even more people towards biobased building and towards a circular economy.

The Growing Pavilion is built by Fiction Factory, Tentech, Buitink Technology. In collaboration with: Primum, HuisVeendam, ECO-board,, Braindrop BV, Impershield, Houthandel Looijmans, TenCate Outdoor Fabrics, Botanic Bites, BioBased Delta, Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE), Natuurvezel Applicatie Centrum (NAC), Sounding Bodies, Juro Coating, Noorderwind, Floriade Almere 2022.

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