Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building

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Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building

If we want to build a sustainable world, we must consider the entire system. That’s what Possible Landscapes stands for. In this multi-year programme, Biobased Creations, as the creative leader of the Embassy, explores new perspectives for a living environment that add ecological and social value in addition to economic value. In collaboration with creatives, local stakeholders and knowledge partners. Through storytelling and imagination, we involve experts and the general public in this research and its outcomes, as we did in 2019 with The Growing Pavilion and in 2021 with The Exploded View.

Possible Landscapes

Possible Landscapes is a research into a new green, regenerative economy “from land to building” and how it can contribute to societal challenges. Biobased construction offers opportunities in various areas: improving biodiversity and the quality of soil and water, new business models for farmers, a healthier work and living environment for residents and builders, and the prevention of resource scarcity. We explore what the chain looks like – from soil to building, crop to industry, and ideal to a financially fair value system.

Two programme lines will be presented in various locations over the coming years, including during Dutch Design Week (DDW) and other moments and places. This intentional exposure generates awareness and dialogue.

Possible Landscapes Rural

We work locally and collaboratively with stakeholders from the entire chain, such as farmers, processors, builders, residents, policymakers, designers, and ecologists. Through imagination and storytelling, we make the possibilities tangible through scale model installations. This visualisation provides starting points for further discussions about potential biobased chains and corresponding landscape implementations.

What is possible in a wetland landscape? In May 2023, we opened the scale model installation “Possible Landscapes Rewetted peatland” at Natuurpoort De Peel. This installation presents scenarios for areas that need rewetting, such as a peat area facing dessication challenges or stream valleys that need rehydration. The installation showcases several possibilities at different scales, guiding the visitor through each level. This model will also be exhibited at DDW23.

We have now initiated a Possible Landscapes programme focused on sandy soils, where we examine a location in the Achterhoek region as a concrete case to develop scalable scenarios. We will present the progress of this research during DDW23.

Possible Landscape Urban

In 2024, the Embassy will launch a new program: Possible Landscapes Regenerative City. This programme revolves around nature-inclusive and regenerative construction, building with nature. It’s a way of construction that goes beyond limiting the damage caused by building and adds ecological and social value. During DDW23, we will organise a kickoff event to share the research questions for the upcoming years. The conference will also mark the start of a broad coalition of individuals who want to shape nature-inclusive and regenerative building collectively.

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