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Circular Harvest Hogeschool Rotterdam

The event in which students from the Rotterdam University together with Blue City and other partners in the fields share the insights acquired in the past year.

Type event Talk
Date & Time

3 Feb 2021 - 10:00 - 18:00

Location Virtual
Circular Harvest Hogeschool Rotterdam

From circular products to circular themes

  • Circular contexts on developments of RUAS and the municipality of Rotterdam
  • Circular workshops by students and entrepreneurs of Blue City on a variety of themes
  • Keynotes by Sabine Biesheuvel (Blue City), dr. Koen Dittrich (Research Centre Business Innovation) and dr. Jan Jonker.
  • Round table discussions with students and the work field on circular textiles, circular hubs, circular products, circular construction, biobased applications and circular enterprises
  • We close with an impact cafe on circular cooking



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