BPD will provide 1,000 new homes with a materials passport in 2020

BPD (Bouwfonds Property Development) and Madaster will jointly provide 1,000 new-build homes with a materials passport in 2020. In close collaboration with contractors and suppliers of materials and services, all materials of these homes to be developed are included in the cadastre for materials. It states exactly how much steel, glass, brick, concrete and other materials a house consists of, and it indicates the circular value.

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Published on 6 November 2020
Part of Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building
BPD will provide 1,000 new homes with a materials passport in 2020
Part of Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building

As an area developer, BPD plays an important role in creating sustainable, new residential areas. Frans Holleman, director of the North-East & Central region of BPD: “The (re) use of raw materials and limiting waste flows in the construction of new homes and the design of areas is an integral part of BPD’s sustainability ambitions. our chain partners have started a learning process how we can develop new-build homes in a circular manner. An important step to get a grip on the circular value of new-build homes is a materials passport. That’s why we are starting with 1,000 homes to be developed in North-East & Central Netherlands that will be included in Madaster , the land registry for materials. ”

Recent research from BPD showed that 90% of consumers are interested in sustainable living. With a materials passport, a resident knows what materials his house consists of and what a possible residual value would be in the event of reuse. This contributes to the contemporary need for sustainable living and it also provides concrete information about how sustainable and demountable the house itself is.

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar

About BPD

BPD has been developing sustainable areas for decades. We do this not only at an area level, but also at an urban level. We also have these ambitions at regional and building level. Homes that we deliver are increasingly energy neutral, or even supply energy. But we want to go a step further in the sustainability task. We are concerned with developing and realizing areas that are future-proof for the coming decades. We do this on the basis of four pillars: energy transition, climate adaptation, circularity and healthy living and living.

The ambition is to realize homes and residential areas in which as many recycled and reusable materials as possible are used. We are reducing the waste flow and designing areas in which raw material cycles are closed at the desired scale level: district, municipality, region or national. We use the materials passport to consciously make material choices. We use high-quality recycled raw materials as much as possible in the homes we develop. They are also designed in such a way that materials are highly reusable (remountable).

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