Partners of Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building share their expertise and their questions

A radically different way of building, with biobased materials and circular methods. Over the next two years, the Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building will investigate how to get there. Together with experts from the world of construction, policy and design. During DDW, current and several new partners discussed the results so far and the questions for follow-up research.

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Date 3 November 2020
Partners of Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building share their expertise and their questions

The virtual partner meeting kicks off with a guided tour of The Exploded View. This house shows how to build with biobased materials and circular methods. For example, if you take a look in the kitchen, you will see how waste streams from food produce new building products. A solid floor made of eggshells, for example. Or a wall of popcorn. The Exploded View is still a scale model (1:4), which will be rebuilt in full scale in the near future. The biobased house is an idea of Pascal Leboucq and is intended to be used for the next two years to discuss what works and to investigate bottlenecks.  

The Embassy will collaborate with many partners, in order to collect and share as much knowledge as possible. One of the things the Embassy is currently working on is an open source materials library, in which you can view the characteristics of various biobased materials.

After the virtual tour, curator Lucas De Man and Marianne Aarnoudse, programme manager of the World Design Embassies, gave an update on what the Embassy has done so far. The Exploded View has already reached many people online and contacts with national and international press have yielded some 25 publications. The idea is that The Exploded View will make a tour to talk to future residents and experts in different places. Interest has also been shown outside the Netherlands, such as in France and Canada.

In the online chat partners were able to ask questions and identify bottlenecks. The possible health effects of biobased building were discussed, for example. And certificates that are needed in the construction industry for upscaling. Participants in the meeting included experts from the government, science and the construction industry. The follow-up process can be followed via the website of the Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building.

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