We have started a new WDE Talks series in collaboration with Pakhuis de Zwijger. In 4 episodes we delve deeper into several topics of different Embassies. We speak with guests about a diverse array of topics, such as the circular economy, the optimal lay-out of the public space, broad welfare and food and water systems. Two Embassies present their visions and plans in every episode. These episodes are in Dutch only.

WDE Talks: How do we design a safe and inclusive society?

An inclusive society is an open society who fights for the participation of everyone. A society where every citizen contributes and the notion of reciprocity is key. What if this is not the case? Polarisation and we vs. them mentality wins the upper hand. This plays a big role in undermining with a neighbourhood focus. We spoke with Tabo Goudswaard (Curator Embassy of Safety) and Jorn Konijn (Curator Embassy of Inclusive Society) on Thursday 1 July.  They will be joined by expert in the field, Domenica Ghidei Biidu, who was a member of the Human Rights Council and a member of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance. Together we explored the different ways in which designers can contribute to a society where everyone feels seen and represented.

Curious about the different perspectives? Watch the WDE Talk here!

WDE Talks: Food and water systems for a healthy planet

Water and food are essential for life on earth. For us as a humanity, but also for earth itself. Currently, the way we interact with earth has more negative effects on our planet, biodiversity and nature. This cannot go on any longer. On Thursday 3 June we discuss with Embassy curators Annelies Hermsen (Food) and Anouk van der Poll (Water) about how we can secure our planet in the future and reform our systems in a way that it will contribute to a healthy earth. In addition, we speak with expert Evelien de Olde who is part of the team that formulated the prizewinning Foodvision 2050.

Curious about the different perspectives on food and water systems? Watch the WDE Talk here.

WDE Talks: Shaping a livable and healthy environment for everyone

How do we design a living environment that increases well-being and livability, but also increases our health. On Thursday 29 April we discuss with curator Rob Adams (Six Fingers) from the Embassy of Mobility and Jetske van Oosten (Stimuleringsfonds) from the Embassy of Health. Alexander D’Hooghe joins as guest and expert on this area. He is a Flemish urban planner, among other things connected to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and founder of Organization for Permanent Modernity (ORG).

Curious about the different perspectives on livable and healthy environments? Watch the WDE Talk here.

WDE Talks: Circular thinking for a sustainable future

Sometimes it feels like an impasse: the enormous climate issue on the one hand and the enormous construction issue on the other hand. We produce and produce, while our climate needs a different approach. On Thursday 1 April we spoke with Embassy curator Lucas de Man (Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building) and Leonne Cuppen (Embassy of Rethinking Plastic) about the new possibilities for a sustainable and circular future. In addition, meaning economist Drs. Kees Klomp tells us more about meaningful entrepreneurship, new kinds of welfare and a world where value is placed above money.

Do you want to know what exactly they spoke about? Watch the WDE Talk here.

Past WDE Talks series

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