We have started a new WDE Talks series in collaboration with Pakhuis de Zwijger! In eight episodes, we dived deeper into the subject matter of the various Embassies and talk to partners and designers about various topics. The guests briefly looked back on Dutch Design Week 2021 and discuss what’s next. On this page, you can find all the Talks. Please note that these talks are in Dutch.

WDE Talk - Chloé Rutzerveld
WDE Talk - Pascal Leboucq

Watch the WDE Talk: What does the supermarket of the future look like?

On Thursday, March 31, we closed the WDE Talks season with the Embassy of Food! Will the supermarket as we know it still exist in 30 years? What will it look like then and what will be sold there? Live from Pakhuis de Zwijger, Embassy curator Chloé Rutzerveld spoke with Alessandro Guglielmi (Product Manager Albert Heijn), Koen Venema (Professor of Human Biology & Beneficial Microbes Consultancy), Miguel Bruns Alonso (TU/e) and designers Lisa Mandemaker and Merle Bergers about the ongoing Embassy Lab, the supermarket of the future and how design can contribute to this transition.

Watch the Talk here!

Watch the WDE Talk: How can biobased building contribute to a sustainable future?

Thursday, 24 March we went live with a new WDE Talk from Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. This time the Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building was the focus. Together with one of the Embassy curators, Pascal Leboucq, we dived deeper into The Exploded View – Beyond Building, a life-size biobased house. We also spoke with designers Margreet van Uffelen (Omlab) and Marijn van Rossum (Earth Kweek) about how their projects contribute to a sustainable future. Rob Bogaarts (Buro Bogaarts) connects from his role as advisor to various construction partners within the Embassy. Watch the Talk back here!

Watch the Talk here!

WDE Talk - Tabo Goudswaard
WDE Talk - Shay Raviv

WDE Talk: How can design and policy come together in the security domain?

On Thursday, 3 March we went live with the Embassy of Safety in a new WDE Talk from Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. The collaboration between security professionals and creative makers provides a welcome enrichment in tackling the major security challenges of our time. Think of online crime, undermining and polarisation. Embassy curator Tabo Goudswaard talks to René Poort (Reclassering Nederland), neighbourhood policeman Lily Habra, Dorian Kingma and Myrthe Krepel (SMELT) and Klasien van de Zandschulp (affect lab) about new proposals and action perspectives to stimulate more ownership by others.

Watch the Talk here!

WDE Talk: How do we design a society where everyone feels seen and represented?

Did you miss the WDE Talk of Thursday 17 February? Check it out here! This time, we shared the further exploration of the Embassy of Inclusive Society, which was established in 2021! What could be the building blocks of an inclusive society that really questions the current exclusionary systems and our patterns of thinking? In the coming period, the Embassy will research and explore what inclusive design can mean, by bringing together people from different backgrounds and expertise to engage in dialogue and learn from each other. We do not only look at the present, but also at the future and what it could look like. Embassy curator Shay Raviv, Sadik Harchaoui, Marcin Karwinski, Charlotte Vromans and Frank Norbruis entered the discussion.

Watch the Talk here!

WDE Talk - Jetske van Oosten
WDE Talk - Leonne Cuppen

WDE Talk: How can we make society healthier together?

On Thursday 3 February, we went live with a new WDE Talk from Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. This time we discussed the theme of the Embassy of Health; Chronic Health. Embassy curator Jetske van Oosten, designers Lisa Mandemaker and Sjaak Langenberg, Claudia Lieshout (Philips Design) and Eva de Reuver (Expedition VitaalGezond) discussed how we can make society healthier together. Whether you are a farmer who decides to farm organically, a hairdresser who offers the neighbourhood a meeting place or a philosopher who is thinking about new forms of (mental) health care; everyone can contribute to a healthier society. Only together will we be able to realise the changes that are necessary for us to live healthier lives.

Watch the talk here!

WDE Talk: How can we redesign our relationship with plastics?

In the WDE Talk live from Pakhuis de Zwijger on 20 January, the Embassy of Rethinking Plastic was the focus. How can we redesign our relationship with plastics? We now realise the urgency of plastic as an environmental problem, but as a material it also has its advantages. It is not black and white. A world without plastic is hardly conceivable, so we have to learn to deal with it in a different way. Designers play a crucial role in this transition. In this WDE Talk, together with Embassy curator Leonne Cuppen, Embassy partners Lia Voermans (Brightlands Chemelot Campus) and Jan Pels (TNO) and designers Jessica den Hartog and Tjeerd Veenhoven, we look back on Dutch Design Week 2021. What are the new insights? And how can they cooperate and reinforce each other in tackling this social issue?

Watch the talk here!

WDE Talk - Rob Adams
WDE Talk - Anouk van der Poll

WDE Talk: What if liveability is central to designing mobility?

The WDE Talk on Thursday 25 November focused on the Embassy of Mobility. What if the quality of life is central to designing mobility? What if it ensures better well-being and more connection? What if mobility aims to prevent transport movements and what if it makes a positive contribution to the environment? We spoke to Rob Adams who, as curator of the Embassy of Mobility, is going to launch three experiments in the Brainport region to answer these questions. Furthermore, together with designers Ivo Hulskamp (Bygg Architecture & Design), Philémonne Jaasma (cocosmos) and partners of the Embassy Hans Eenhoorn (Rijkswaterstaat) and Edwin Heesakkers (EIT Urban Mobility), we looked back on a successful Dutch Design Week and discussed the experiments that are planned.

Watch the talk here!

WDE Talk: Living together with water

The WDE Talk on Thursday 11 November focused on the Embassy of Water. The Embassy of Water puts man back in the natural water ecosystem and shows that the water transition is more than retaining, delaying and infiltrating. How can we learn to live together with water again? Curator Anouk van der Poll spoke with Fides Lapidaire about the project Mensput-Wensput that makes people think; “What kind of people would water make them wish for?” Lapidaire talks about the role she thinks design can play in water cohabitation. We talk to designer Peter Scheer about his work, Semilla Sanitation Hubs. With this applied work, Scheer wants to offer a solution for two problems: 650 million people have no access to clean drinking water, and one billion people have no toilet. In addition, Conny van Rooij, Innovation Advisor at De Dommel Water Board and Karla Niggebrugge, Policy Officer for Water at the Province of Noord-Brabant, will tell more about their role and importance of the Embassy, and how they cooperate with designers within their organisations. Where do they want to go and what does it get them?

Watch the talk here!

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