The journey that lead to the Growing Pavilion

How can we reduce the output of CO2? What do we do with waste products from agriculture? How do we deal with subsidence and rising sea levels? What is the aesthetic value of biobased materials? These are just a few of the many questions that the unique project The Growing Pavilion examined, before and during Dutch Design Week 2019.

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Date 28 November 2019
The journey that lead to the Growing Pavilion

Driven by a strong necessity and the need to stimulate a new way of thinking, Company New Heroes, Dutch Design Foundation and partners from the world of design, architecture, construction, government and education, have taken on the challenge to realize an iconic structure. A pavilion that consists entirely of biobased materials. Sourced as locally as possible, because the Brabant soil and knowledge are extremely rich. For nine days this landmark could be seen and experienced at the heart of DDW; on the Ketelhuisplein, as part of the Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building.

“In addition to bringing urgency and hope, we also choose to put ourselves in vulnerable position with the pavilion. We literally and figuratively open a booklet about our search in the world of biobased building,” so tells Lucas De Man. In this documentary, Company New Heroes showcases the journey that lead to this breathtaking pavilion.

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