Embassy of Mobility at DDW

At Dutch Design Week, you can see the impact of a new design for mobility on a large scale model of the Brainport region. What happens in a city when cars are less prominent and there is more space for people? What does a greener neighbourhood look like exactly? What will it do to traffic jams if we all work closer to home? That is what the exhibition of the Embassy of Mobility shows in the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S.

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Published on 11 October 2021
Part of Embassy of Mobility
Embassy of Mobility at DDW
Part of Embassy of Mobility

The designers and partners of the Embassy of Mobility were triggered by the corona crisis. Traffic had virtually come to a standstill and there was more space for people and nature. Time to go back to the drawing board, thought Rob Adams, curator of the Embassy of Mobility and founder of innovation agency Six Fingers. The Embassy investigates how mobility can make a positive contribution to the quality of life in a city and to the environment. “We want to redesign cities, completely according to a new principle,” Adams says. “Previously, the car was central to the design of a city, we now want to put people at the centre.”

Making changes transparent

The Embassy is doing this with four projects to make cities greener, give pedestrians and cyclists more space and reduce congestion. These projects run throughout the year. Various experiments are carried out in the Brainport region to see what the effect is on the environment. At DDW, you can see the designers’ ideas in a light show on the model of the Brainport region. “We want to make the changes transparent and start a discussion,” says Adams. “This should ultimately lead to changes in mobility that benefit the liveability of a city and the world.”

In conversation

Besides the exhibition, the Embassy of Mobility is also organising a conference. The event is on 21 October. There will be various speakers who will talk about their vision of mobility. There will also be room for discussion. On the website of the Embassy of Mobility, you can register for the conference. In addition, the Embassy of Mobility participates in a virtual talk, DRIVE 2021, on 18 October. 

You can visit the Embassy from 16 to 24 October in Hall 3 of the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S.


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