Embassy of Inclusive Society at DDW

Take a seat on one of the three hairdresser chairs in the Embassy of Inclusive Society during Dutch Design Week (DDW). You will get not only a new haircut but also a good conversation. Every day a different hairdresser from Eindhoven will be cutting in the hair salon at the Ketelhuisplein at Strijp-S.

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Published on 1 October 2021
Part of Embassy of Inclusive Society
Embassy of Inclusive Society at DDW
Part of Embassy of Inclusive Society

“A hair salon is a place where different groups of people meet,” says Jorn Konijn, Head of Programme DDW and curator of Embassy of Inclusive Society. “We also want to reach the Eindhoven residents who normally don’t go to DDW. Each barber will bring their clients, and we invite DDW visitors to get their hair cut.”


Designer Manon van Hoeckel set up the hair salon “Coupe de Schiedam” for Stedelijk Museum Schiedam in 2018. For the Embassy of Inclusive Society, Konijn asked her to set up a hair salon where the conversations are about different hair rituals. Like the rituals and care of afro hair or Asian hair. Van Hoeckel had designed an apron with stimulating questions. The people in the hairdresser’s chair get to wear such an apron; a question can trigger a good conversation. Van Hoeckel also instructs and guides the hairdressers on how to carry out the conversation. That’s quite a close call, says Konijn. “It’s not a conversation about the weather, but it shouldn’t be too coercive either.”

Labour of love & Hidden heritage

In addition, the hair salon features projects in expo form. Including Labour of Love by Oluwatomilola Adefioye – everyone calls her Tomi -. A Nigerian designer who recently graduated from Central Saint Martins in London, where she now teaches. Her work shows the rituals and care that come with afro hair. Wendy Owusu shows with a short documentary, Hidden Heritage, that hairstyles are never just about hair. She graduated cum laude from the Design Academy this year.

Spontaneous encounters

The goal of the hair salon is to discover each other’s rituals. Konijn: ‘’We hope that conversations are initiated between people who would otherwise not meet.’’

At the Embassy of Inclusive Society, in addition to a hair salon, there is an exhibition showcasing more than twenty works. Designs that inspire you and make you think. You can also attend a talk on a different topic every day. For an overview of the programme please visit the Embassy of Inclusive Society page.


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Coupe de Schiedam - credits: Aad Hoogendoorn
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