Embassy of Food at DDW

Will you be visiting the Supermarket of the Future at Dutch Design Week? Here you will find plant-based meat from fantasy animals, flat fusilli and many other special foods. This year, the Embassy of Food’s exhibition is designed as the Supermarket of the Future. Here, you will get an exclusive glimpse into the future of food and how we interact with it.

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Published on 4 October 2021
Part of Embassy of Food
Embassy of Food at DDW
Part of Embassy of Food

The Embassy of Food wants to push boundaries and bring new possibilities to the sruface. It is not just about coming up with a good idea but also about performing experiments and applying new technologies or new ideas in society. “We have investigated the role of designers in the food system,” says the curator of the Embassy of Food, Chloé Rutzerveld. The results of this research can be found in the exhibition.

Taking radical steps

Designers dare to think out of the box. “Every designer looks at things from their own perspective, which makes exploring new possibilities so interesting,” she continues. “If we want to move forward with new technologies and with truly sustainable, honest, healthy and environmentally and animal-friendly food, we need to take more radical steps.” The new thinking and associated products can be seen in the Supermarket of the Future. 


This year, the Embassy of Food’s supermarket will still be ‘under construction’. Next year, the team of designers will continue to build an expanded version. “We want to stimulate people to think about the food of the future,” says Rutzerveld. “Maybe in 2050, there will be no supermarket at all?” 

In conversation

The exhibition is intended to get people thinking about the production and consumption of food in the future. The Embassy of Food’s conference is on 21 October. “We will start with a keynote about how natural our food still is and whether synthetic food is the future,” says the curator. Then a number of designers will pitch their ideas to a panel of experts from industry, science, agri-sector and retail. “This way, we will collectively discuss the food of the future and the vision for the supermarket in 2050.” Do you want to be there? Register via the webpage of the Embassy of Food.

You can visit the Embassy of Food from 16 to 24 October in Hall 3 in Klokgebouw, Strijp-S. 


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