These designers will give us a running start towards a self-sufficient, sustainable water chain

At Dutch Design Week 2019 the Embassy of Water will demonstrate how valuable water is, and how we can really start to appreciate tap water, rainwater, rivers and canals. Let these designers inspire you to think differently about water and stimulate you to think about your own water consumption.

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Published on 4 October 2019
Part of Embassy of Water
These designers will give us a running start towards a self-sufficient, sustainable water chain
Part of Embassy of Water
Channelling Well by Atelier Axel

Axel Coumans (Atelier Axel) – Channelling Well

The Embassy of Water is located at the Eindhovens Kanaal on the former Campina site. Because Campina discharged clean cooling water for many years, the canal water is very clear and contains various types of aquatic plants and fish species. But what do you see from this underwater life as a resident? How can a city connect with local water bodies? Atelier Axel works together with the province of Brabant to make the ever-changing water quality visible.

Coalition by Nienke Hoogvliet

Nienke Hoogvliet – Coalition

Activated carbon has a purifying effect, it can purify both our body and our environment, as well as water from (toxic) substances. Nienke Hoogvliet works together with Waterschap De Dommel and designs a new (cleaning) ritual, in which you clean yourself and your environment with activated carbon. As a result, the wastewater that washes away is also immediately purified. You take better care of your body and contribute to improving water quality.

Smart Rain Barrel by Studio Bas Sala

Studio Bas Sala – Smart Rain Barrel

Due to climate change, extreme weather events are increasing. The sewage system cannot always handle heavy rainfall. The Smart Rain Barrel developed and designed by Studio Bas Sala contribute to the solution for these inconveniences in a smart and sustainable way. The rainwater is not led into the sewage system, but into the diamond, where it is buffered and when necessary released into the surrounding garden. The built-in smart system looks at the weather forecast via internet. As soon as a heavy rain shower is expected, the rain barrel releases water automatically and creates buffer capacity for the coming rain.

Anthroponix by Thieu Custers and Eva van Strien

Thieu Custers en Eva van Strien – Anthroponix

Imagine that no drop of wastewater leaves the Campina site. Thieu Custers and Eva van Strien of Anthroponix create a speculative vision in which the new residents of the former milk factory are going to re-use all their waste water, and the valuable residual materials, locally. You can, for instance, use phosphate from urine as a fertilizer for plants. If we would reuse everything, would Campina become a jungle in the city?

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