RoodRunner is an electric delivery tricycle for mail delivery, developed in 2000 by Springtime Design for PTT Post / Koninklijke Nederlandse Post (now PostNL). It was the first electrically powered cargo bike with innovations such as Ackermann steering (with much better handling characteristics compared to traditional cargo bikes) and an RFID lock to protect the mail from theft. 

Type Project

RoodRunner was the first in a series of professional tools tailored explicitly for the Dutch postal service by Springtime and collaborating agencies. These innovations allowed them to better compete with emerging international commercial courier services, both in terms of reputation and efficiency. Springtime Design is an Amsterdam-based design agency specialising in new mobility. The agency develops designs for any (electric) form of transportation between walking and driving, for private, business and shared use.


Marcel Schreuder of Springtime and architect/urban designer Barend Koolhaas are convinced that a multidisciplinary approach is needed to arrive at meaningful solutions to the complicated mobility situation in the city.

During Dutch Design Week, they will discuss the concept of a car-free city and, more specifically, one of their solutions, called the OUI.

The OUI is an innovative type of vehicle designed specifically for a car-free city. It is light, circular and intended for shared use. While this one type of vehicle will not solve everything, the OUI does touch on all aspects of this complex issue. Therefore, it is an excellent starting point for an interesting conversation.

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