New podcast: De Tekentafel!

In De Tekentafel, journalist Niels Guns talks to various guests every month about the power of design in solving social issues. How do you get the most out of a project with designers, what is successful collaboration and what can it offer an organisation? We will find out for you in De Tekentafel, a collaboration between Eindhoven Design District and World Design Embassies.

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Published on 10 October 2021
New podcast: De Tekentafel!
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Podcast 1: What is the power of storytelling and imagination?

To find this answer, we talk to Pascal Leboucq (designer and storyteller), Anne Ligtenberg (designer) and Jos̩ Sanders (Professor of Narrative Communication РRadboud University Nijmegen).

Podcast 2: In design projects, the outcome is still totally unknown in the initial phase. Why is this so important and necessary?

We talk to Karla Niggebrugge (Policy Officer Water – Province of Noord-Brabant) and Jop Japenga (Designer – Extraordinary Affairs Department) about the field of tension between designers and clients. Clients often expect concrete solutions up front, while designers cannot and do not want to answer this question in advance.

Podcast 3: What are important requirements for a successful collaboration between designers, clients and users, and what is good commissioning?

Together with Esther Jongsma (designer – VANTOT) and Dries van Wagenberg (What if Lab) we try to find out which aspects are of vital importance for a successful project. What are the important issues in such a collaborative process and what does good commissioning look like?

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