Shay Raviv new curator of Embassy of Inclusive Society

Social designer Shay Raviv is the new curator of the Embassy of Inclusive Society. In the past couple of months, she has been working on a new form and direction for the Embassy which was formed in 2021.

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Published on 25 February 2022
Part of Embassy of Inclusive Society
Shay Raviv new curator of Embassy of Inclusive Society
Part of Embassy of Inclusive Society

The observant viewer may already have seen it; last week Raviv presented her plans for the first time as part of the Embassy’s WDE Talk in Pakhuis de Zwijger. Although that was her public debut, she has already been working hard in the background in recent months on a new form and direction for the Embassy.

‘For me, the Embassy of Inclusive Society is about navigating between different perspectives and questions. From there we create a new way of working, looking, doing and feeling together.’

In 2022, the Embassy of Inclusive Society will act as a collective exploration. What are the building blocks of an inclusive society that really question the current exclusionary systems and our patterns of thinking? To investigate this, Raviv does not work alone but collaborates with people from different expertise and backgrounds. In this way, the Embassy embraces the complexity and breadth of the subject, opting for an open and research-led approach.

Who is Shay Raviv?

Shay Raviv is a social designer, design researcher and project developer. She graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2015 and afterwards worked at Studio Irene Fortuyn and STBY, among others. Raviv sees culture, design and creativity, as a means to bridge social gaps. She uses design research as a method to analyse systems or issues from different angles and to offer new perspectives on social issues.

Together with Pim van der Mijl, she founded De Voorkamer in 2015, an inclusive meeting place in the heart of the multicultural neighbourhood in Utrecht, Lombok. It is a place where different cultures meet. By actively using design power, Van der Mijl and Raviv want to bridge the gap between different groups in society.

Besides Raviv, Marcin Karwinski is closely involved with the Embassy. As an artist, advisor on Diversity & Inclusion and experience expert, Karwinsky thinks critically about the direction of the Embassy.

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